Responsive Website or Mobile App: Which Is Better For You in 2021?

Does your business need a responsive website or a native mobile application? Deciding which one is the best match for your business, depends on your end goal. It is not a debate about whether your business needs an app or a mobile-friendly website in terms of revenue generation. With Internet access available on many devices, from desktops, tablets to smartwatches, it has become imperative for your business to have a mobile presence. Today, here in this blog, we will guide you to make the right choice in the evolving mobile universe.

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As we know, mobile devices are revolutionizing the world in a new manner, and as a result, changing the way businesses operate. The mainstream of web traffic now comes from mobile apps. We have stepped in 2021 and expect to be diverse in sparking a ray of hope for boosting the business’s ROI. In the pandemic, digital platforms played a significant role in maintaining communication that we cannot ignore anyway. When everyone was just locked indoors, the online medium kept the wheels of the worldwide economy moving. The businesses had found the websites and mobile apps as a lifeline to do various activities.

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Below listed are the benefits of a mobile app:

Improved personalization: Every business wants to connect directly with the end-users based on various parameters such as their interests, usage behavior, location, and others. Using a mobile app boosts the chances of connecting with prospective customers by offering more personalized solutions.

The easy-to-use device features: The mobile apps can easily leverage features of the mobile device, and thus it easier for people to use the camera, contact list, GPS, parts, etc.

Work offline: No doubt, every app needs a good internet connection to execute most of the activities, but it can offer definite basic functionalities in the off mode. For instance, a finance app can provide services like EMI calculation or loan limit without an internet connection.

Proficiency: When it comes to speed and performance, a mobile app runs faster than a website. The mobile apps store data locally, while websites use web servers for storage.

Push Notifications – An integral competence of apps is to send personalized push notifications to the potential audience who has the installed app on their device.

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The website doesn’t require downloading or installation as the users can use it for free. Even responsive websites work smoothly on the smartphone also.


When it comes to cost, it is easy to maintain the website compared to the mobile apps. The website is much more active than an app in terms of flexibility to update the content. If you want to alter the design or content, then the costs will be less than an app.


Website is an accessible platform that can be used effortlessly anytime anywhere. Websites have far greater reach competence than a mobile app.


Forget about all buzzwords and focus on the actual needs of your business. What type of business you own largely influence which platform you should choose. For instance, if you own an eCommerce store, then a mobile application is a superb choice because you’ll have regular visitors who want the ultimate user experience. If you have a small business with a traditional website but low web traffic, getting your website designed will serve your purpose.

Spend time understanding customer behavior using search engine analytics tools to know how customers use mobile sites and apps. You can even seek feedback directly from your customers whether they would prefer a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website.

Consider these factors and your business needs carefully before investing in designing a responsive website or developing a mobile application. Make a mindful decision so that you don’t miss out on a vast potential audience!

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