Profitable Social Media Trends of 2016 You Must Know About

Social media is becoming more powerful than ever. New features in social platforms and consumer preferences have brought a wave of changes in the way you use social media for marketing your business. In the past five years, social media has evolved a lot and will continue to evolve in the future. But businesses need to tap into these changing social media trends to gain better exposure and reach new customers. These social media trends have made a big splash and you must revamp your marketing strategies for monetizing social media presence:

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  • Buy button is now going to be everywhere: Social shopping grew in popularity in 2015 but it will become more dynamic in 2016. More and more social networks are on their way to integrate ‘Buy It’ option in their platforms to allow users buy directly from News Feeds, without leaving their social account. More social selling means more opportunity for your business to sell to your potential customers.
  • Real-time marketing getting realer: Planning ahead is crucial in getting your real-time marketing done right. Check out upcoming events, conferences and latest topics your customers are & will be talking about. Join the conversations to increase awareness of your brand.
  • User generated content is the new way forward: Keep social media, social! How? Real magic will happen when you’re able to provide people with video content showing real-life experiences of your existing customers, real reviews & testimonials, and consumer opinion about your services. And that’s the whole point of making social media a great tool to reach and engage customers!

It’s time to update your social media marketing plan! Incorporate these significant social media trends into your marketing strategy to increase your business exposure and drive more customer engagement.

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