Online Marketing Trends that will Rule the Marketing World in 2016

The online marketing industry is indeed complex, but its volatile nature makes it an exciting option for businesses that look forward to reach an ever-growing consumer base. Organizations that adapt to the sweeping changes in customer preferences leg up in the marketing ladder, and those who ignore them, get left behind in the marketing race. It’s now time to plan and think about your 2016 marketing strategies with these predictions:

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  • Integrate written and video content marketing: Content is King, we know! But video content is also reigning the online marketing world as an appealing source of information. Companies need to integrate content marketing with video promotion in order to get bigger ROI.Tip:

    Engaging and interactive content in the form of animations, diagrams and quizzes is the need of the hour. Ephemeral video marketing is going to provide huge success to businesses having their own mobile apps.

  • Ignoring Mobile Optimization will be the BIGGEST blunder: Undoubtedly, mobile usage for searching anything has completely taken over desktop use. Websites that lacked mobile-friendly design failed to win the Google’s mobile friendly algorithm, commonly known as Mobilegeddon, test in early 2015.Tip:

    In 2016, brands need to give a big push to mobile optimization.

  • Google’s App Indexing will boost mobile application use: Google is using App Indexing API to rank applications.Tip:

    Business owners can increase their online visibility in a more intuitive and convenient way by having their own dedicated application.

These three online marketing trends will play a huge role in 2016. For this reason, businesses and marketers need to shift their resources in exploring these emerging marketing trends to achieve greater success.

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