Importance of Color and Fonts in Website Design

When visitors come to your website, they produce three types of feeling for your business – Yes, No and Wow! The type of feeling your visitors must create for your website is entirely in your hands. How? Build a breathtaking website that is as clear as it is beautiful, otherwise it will turn off your visitors and generate poor first impression about your brand. The two major factors that will determine the success of your web design are: Fonts and Color. The font-styles/typefaces and color you choose for your website have a huge impact on user experience. It is absolutely essential that you work with web design agency and select webpage fonts and color following these useful tips:

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  • Color is a unique identity of your business: Color is a language in itself. The color scheme you’ve chosen for your website can trigger a number of responses – change their perception about your business, grab their attention, lure them to do a particular task, get them engaged with your content or bring a number of other emotions. Now, question arises – How do you decide what’s the most effective color?

# Choose colors that complement your brand’s image, services or products.
For instance, if you own a restaurant business or food website, choose warm colors including red, yellow or orange. Cool colors such as blue and green complement medical services & law firms, outdoor products provider or airlines.

# Keep in mind the color contrast:
Contrast is the most important aspect that is associated with text readability. Website’s background color and text color should have sharp contrast to better enable viewers to read the site content. The best strategy is to use light background with dark text or vice versa. This golden rule also applies when you put text on images.

  • Fonts speak louder than words: There is a number of beautiful fonts available but choosing the right one for your website could become a daunting task if you don’t know the science behind it. Visual appearance of web fonts does speak louder than words. Different typefaces are used for specific situations and different uses. For example, news websites use serif font as it conveys a feeling of knowledge and importance. Similarly, sans-serif font portrays sophistication and modern feeling.

#Ask your designer to define font styles to you:
An expert web designer will have a worksheet defining all font styles and elements of your website such as headers (H1 to H6), paragraph text, navigation, links and others. Your website design partner would know it better which font style will make your website more easier to understand. Only use high quality fonts with clean print and crisp look.

# Don’t over think and overdo it:
One important principle in using font face in websites is that you maintain consistency and don’t overdo anything. Don’t ask your designer to use font type that is too much creative to be understood by viewers. Keep everything simple for people to understand easily.

Fonts and Color account for more than 95% of web design. It’s the job of web designers to understand the psychology of visitors while putting their imagination into reality. However, it’s instrumental for you, as a website owner, to select fonts and color that effectively communicate your brand message to the website visitors.

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