How Will Salesforce’s Hybrid CMS Benefit B2B Businesses?

Salesforce has recently launched a hybrid content management system (CMS) to help businesses integrate with other platforms. Now, CMS users are free to manage, create, and share the content with other third-party websites, mobile apps, and experiences through the headless API of Salesforce. Check out this blog to know more about the new Saleforce Hybrid CMS.

The Salesforce CMS is entirely headless CMS which means it will not come with the default front-end system to decide the way your content is available to the end-user. The CMS will store the content in a raw form and execute it as per the need of an enterprise. Developers will be able to create many heads enabling companies to share information to a multitude of locations.

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The content would be delivered smoothly by using Commerce Page Designer tools or Company’s Experience Builder. The CMS will include multi-language and translation support. Also, it would be an easy building playlist of the content on the platform and distribute it on other digital channels many other lucrative features will amaze the business owners.

So, if you are one among many who are managing the eCommerce website for a business partner, you have already set a standard of your win in the domain. Now you would quickly be able to get the site up and run smoothly. The technology will dominate digital experience creation. Quite a large number of B2B business leaders like you are excited to see wonderful outcomes of the launch of new CRM and here’re the reasons:

Managing Website Would Become Dramatically Easier:

As mentioned that the CMS will make it very easy to create, manage, and publish content, the change will renovate the whole process. Gone are the days when businesses had to wait for a long time to get their new content to appear on the website. The use of the CMS will eliminate the need for sending the content to the expert. Business individuals can do all this by themselves.

For instance, you want to create a banner to tell people about your success, you can easily create the content, add image, and publish the same on your website or app or at any other digital channel just in a few minutes. Not only this, the CMS gives you the freedom to customize the content in accordance with the audience of a particular state or country. Doesn’t it seem interesting?

Customization of a Customer’s Experience:

With this new hybrid CMS, you would be able to understand the needs of your customers and deliver them the exact solutions they want. In simple words, this will allow you to provide a customized experience to your targeted audience so they can feel connected whenever they shop. A recent report shares the fact that more than 72% of customers want companies to suggest options they truly want. So, by delivering their needs, you can enlarge the size of the target audience and increase return on investment. With other CMS platforms, this feature is only limited to fetching relevant information.

Easy Access to the Information in No Time:   

Customers are impatient. They don’t want to stay more than 2 seconds if they face some problem with the loading of your eCommerce website. The very new hybrid CMS has simplified the problem to a great extent that your customers will get their search done in less than a second. About 53% of customers leave the page which does not open in 3 seconds. Simply, you would be able to engage these customers and increase your chances of a conversion by 23%. That’s how the CMS solution will push to become potentially advantageous for a business. Websites developed on the Salesforce CMS will be supported on almost all types of digital devices to allow customers to make a transaction with any hurdle.

The Capability of Meeting the Challenges Presented By the Customers:

This latest technology in the content management system has come with the power of integration. This will allow you to set a link to your platform to front-ends (other than the website). There would be a consolidated dashboard to fulfill and manage sales through different channels. For instance, if you want to all product info on your eCommerce store, the information will automatically send to third-party-channels to provide you maximum benefits of integration. Besides, the hybrid CMS will let you meet all the challenges thrown by the customers and allow you to move beyond the traditional scenario of the shopping cart, checkout process, and other activities to digitalize your customer experience. Saying that new hybrid CMS will bring revolution will not be wrong in any way.

Simplification of Information and Content Management:

With the new hybrid CMS, you are free to use the same header for a marketing email, a channel, or a website. So, it pushes you to use the same kind of content in different places. This will help your business provide a consistent experience and increase brand awareness. People will easily recognize your information by reading it twice on a different platform. Companies who are looking to simplify the content of their website and also caring for the customer experience should not miss using the content management system which will benefit their investment in different dimensions

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, headless commerce will be the future of the eCommerce world. Now, when you have read a lot about this brand new content management system, your second step is to find out custom CMS development services provider who can help you develop extremely functional, customized, and valuable eCommerce website for your business. Well, you don’t need to go anywhere as Source Soft Solutions is here to help you with your need of developing a highly efficient and well-designed CMS solution for your business.

Source Soft Solutions, a prominent CMS web development company, works with extremely talented and experienced developers who are capable of creating more personalized CMS solution unrestricted to the Salesforce Ecosystem or limited design resources. We will provide you highly professional CMS web development solutions to help you grow your business fast.

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