How We Ensure Code Quality and Performance in Offshore Projects

The technology landscape is fast evolving. Companies which have embraced advances in data, machine learning, analytics, cloud, mobility, IoT and other digital technologies have made a successful place in the market and have also outperformed competitors.

To build disruptive products, some companies are able to hire in-house experts while others have to rely on an outsourcing firm.

Some of the common tasks and challenges faced by the product companies include:

  • Incomplete products
  • Dead In-Premise, Cloud is the new normal
  • User-experience is critical
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Scale with continuously changing technology landscape

Choosing the best website development service provider or the right fit mobile technology partner is a daunting task. There are several factors that need to be taken care of prior selecting the technology partner.

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This includes concerns related to security, quality of the product and privacy of information. Countries like India, Russia, China, Malaysia, and Philippines are the most preferred outsourcing destinations across the world.

In fact, for the eighth consecutive year, India has topped A.T. Kearney’s 2017 Global Services Location Index (GSLI), since its establishment in 2004.

What Makes India Unique

  • Access to a large chunk of qualified resources
  • Cost arbitrage compared to other western countries
  • Myriad of flexible engagement models

How Source Soft Solutions Ensures Code Quality & Performance in OffShore Projects?



A) Analysis of the Portfolio – We make sure each of our potential clients thoroughly goes through our respective portfolio as it plays a major role in determining long term business association.

Through analysis, they get to know about various products we have worked upon and the digital technologies that we have leveraged for building these products. Also, take into account testimonials from clients and connect with the client if possible to get insights in real-time.

B) Testing Practices – To provide a hassle-free experience, testing plays a critical role. Being the leading mobile app development company, we make sure to update client about the development progress and bug fixing during the development cycle.

We also provide an access to bug tracking reports and analytics. During the evaluation phase, you can also get information on the coding conventions, certifications and practices.

We, at Source Soft Solutions, are equipped with the testing lab that has multiple devices so that the product is tested across many or all devices.

We also perform automation testing with the help of various automation testing tools such as Appium, Selenium, SeeTest and Protractor, among others. Our testing team is highly competent and are expert in testing at regular frequency prior to the release.

C) Technical Capabilities – While you analyze the nature and complexity of projects, it is equally important to know the technical capabilities and the range of development services offered by the outsourcing company.

You must access the company’s knowledge about various frontend and backend framework. For the success of any project, we adopt customized processes and futuristic mindset along with standard practices such as daily standups, wireframes, and demos. These are extremely helpful when the team is working in some other country upon your project.


A) Following are the attributes that determine code quality

  • Readability – High quality code can only be achieved only when the code is self explanatory. Our testing team ensures that the code is written keeping in mind the best practices.

They check whether the code is formatted properly, whether the code is easy to read without unnecessary repetition. This helps in easily maintaining and optimizing the code at any given time.

  • Maintenance of the code – Most of the app development projects are iterative in nature. When you have outsourced your work to us, do not worry, our team makes these iterations smooth and swift.

They make sure that that the context of code is easy to understand. This further makes it easy to maintain such code and helps to keep up the quality.

  • Documented – Accepted code should be self explanatory, but at the same time, our development team makes sure to add comments so as to have a better understanding of the roles and functions.

Documenting the code is a general best practice so that at the time of CI and Continuous Delivery (CD), only the right tools are deployed for production and code is quickly put to test.

Our development team always test the code once it is written. They adopt various tools and technologies for regular testing and early detection of bugs at the development level.

B) Communication is the key to successful development

The two core pillars – communication and transparency – play a huge role in the overall success of the project. A top mobile app or website development company will always set up a communication plan to discuss the overall product development and quality.

It will put in best practices to overcome any communication hiccups which are stopping to achieve the set target or making the development process inefficient and slow.


Most new age products are built in and for the cloud. While testing plays the vital role in product development lifecycle, it also plays a crucial role even after the product is made live. For every new feature release, the product undergoes rigorous testing.

A professional web application development company or your chosen mobile app development company will take care of regular maintenance even when the product goes live. Apart from checking the code quality, it must extend help in terms of performance monitoring.

Be it a start-up or a fortune 500 enterprise, all are equally investing money and time in developing advanced technology products. The cut-throat competition is the main reason why the companies are more interested in outsourcing the development work.

At Source Soft Solutions, our experienced and highly talented developers maintain quality in each step of the development for a great end user experience. These developed codes are regularly put to test to detect the bugs early in the life cycle and ensure improved user experience after the release.

We always make sure to have a detailed discussion with the client to understand their requirements, thereby making sure to deliver quality product on time.

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