How to 10X Your Website Traffic through Technical SEO

A strong technical SEO foundation for your website can help it get more traffic and higher rankings in the search engine result pages. Google is the best source of driving traffic to your site and getting exposure to potential customers. But, sometimes even after having informative and engaging content on the website, the site ranks below your competitors in the search engine. There are many reasons responsible for this, such as lack of quality backlinks, weak on-page SEO and extensive competition for your targeted keywords. Another contributing factor for low search traffic can be your site’s technical SEO structure.

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Technical SEO is one of the most basic aspects of search engine optimization. If your site has innumerable unresolved technical issues, you’ll have a bad time to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). Technical SEO can be defined as the process of optimizing your website to help search engines crawl and index it better.

Following are the basics of technical SEO which can boost the traffic to your website by 10x.

  • Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

In the year 2015, Google announced a major algorithm update which was to give increased preference to mobile-friendly, responsive websites. Since then, many top websites have been penalized for not abiding with mobile-friendly web template. At Source Soft Solutions, our proficient team of web designers and developers make sure that all the website are optimized for mobile devices. Also, all the sites undergo Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to determine if they meet Google’s criteria for mobile-first indexing. Our SEO professionals carry out a thorough analysis of the websites to improve their quality and page speed on mobile devices.

  • Create and Optimize Your XML Sitemap

Sitemaps play a vital role as they help Google to find and index your web pages. It’s really easy to create an XML sitemap. WordPress users can generate it by using the Yoast SEO plugin or Google’s very own Google XML sitemaps plugin. Once you’ve created the sitemap, submit it to Google via Google search console. Once your sitemap is submitted, without further delay optimize your XML sitemap. Ensure to prioritize high-quality pages in your sitemap. An XML sitemap is a kind of map of your site that helps Google bots to discover and index your web pages. This all together leads to faster indexing and higher rankings.

  • Accelerate the Speed of Your Website

Site speed matters and it matters a lot. If your website takes a long time to respond, Google will penalize your website. This means, your website will rank lower in the SERPs. Use a compressed image format like JPG to optimize your site’s images. Enable browser caching to temporarily store some data on a visitors’ computer. Enable compression to reduce HTML and CSS files by 50-70% and increase site speed significantly. Reduce server response time to under 200ms. Use a Content Delivery System (CDN) to increase your site speed.

  • Optimize Internal Linking

Internal links do not have the same influence on search rankings as external links, but they help the search engine understand the information hierarchy of your website. Use descriptive keywords in anchor text to optimize your site’s internal links. Google is more concerned about your site’s internal pages than the home page. Services page, blog posts and other pages on the site are important. Dive deeper and get your internal pages ranked higher in search results to increase website rank and traffic.

  • Use Canonical URLs to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

Your first priority should be to create unique content. Our team of content writers curate highly informative and engaging content, depending on the ineterests of your target audience and niche. However, there are some instances where having duplicate content on your site can’t be avoided. So in such cases, it is recommended to use canonical URLs. They are highly beneficial if you’re running an eCommerce site with hundreds of identical pages. Set up a canonical URL tag to avoid content duplication and Google penalty. The canonical tag on a webpage tells a search engine which version of that page you want to rank.

Technical SEO is a vast topic that requires constant diligence and updating. Being the best online internet marketing services company, we help you dig deeper into SEO. We strive to make sure that your website has a strong technical SEO foundation to generate long-term traffic and achieve higher rankings. The changes mentioned above when implemented will put your website on the right track and protect you from any future Google penalties. At Source Soft Solutions, we can provide you professional technical SEO services and customized packages to help you gain the highest visibility on the web.

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