How Increased Character Limit of Tweet will Impact Social Media Marketing

Trying to cram your thoughts into a Tweet of 140 characters – it’s a mind-boggling process!!
The online news and social networking website, Twitter, following a short test in the month of September in selected countries have officially doubled its character limit from 140 to 280 characters. The longer Tweet limit of 280 characters has been rolled out so that every person or business across the world can easily express themselves more on Twitter. The company took the decision on the basis of how the character constraints impacted users differently who used different language.

The users who use languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese are able to express themselves in a better way for their single character gives a lot of information. On the other hand, the users who use languages such as Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese find it difficult to express themselves. Due to the cramming faced by some languages, Twitter increased the character limit for every language except – Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

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The expanded character limit would enable hassle-free expression along with maintaining the brevity for which Twitter is famous worldwide. During the testing phase, hardly 1 percent of tweets hit 280 characters. This decision of Twitter has met the fair amount of controversies. While few people are of the opinion that the readability of Twitter would reduce as longer tweets would fill their feed. Others are happy that they will be able to express themselves in a much better way.

This update is a bliss for marketers as they will no longer have to shorten their marketing content to adjust the tagline and hashtags in their tweet. With 280 characters they can easily entice the customer to visit their website or purchase the product/service. In the meantime, have a check over the benefits the 280 character limit have on Social Media Marketing (SMM).

LONG DETAIL = GREATER QUALITY – The greatest asset an influencer has is their unique voice and style of expressing. However, the set limit of 140 characters created hiccups in letting the influencers express their creativity. When they’re asked to cut down words for length, it sometimes leads to loss of tone thereby impacting the results of the post. When they will have more characters to play with, the influencers can express themselves as they would in a Facebook post.

EASIER TO TWEET – Twitter has revealed that around 9% of Tweets in English hit the character limit. This lays emphasis on the fact that to convert a thought into tweet, a lot of time has been spent editing and even at times abandoning Tweets before sending. With the expansion of character count, this problem will undergo a massive change as now people will spend less time editing their tweets. Moreover, they will be able to send Tweets faster than before.

ENHANCED CONVERSATION – Marketers will not have to create new and multiple tweets every time to respond to comments or questions raised by the followers, following Tweet length increase. With the increased limit, the influencers will have the opportunity to respond in greater depth whilst still retaining brevity. This ultimately will increase the chances of the likelihood of the responses being retweeted because the answer is retained in one tweet instead of new and multiple tweets.

MORE ACCESSIBILITY – Twitter is already one of the most used and acclaimed social media platforms worldwide. A vast number of people across the world have Twitter presence. With the increased character limit, accessibility will increase automatically thereby helping the marketers reach the wider audience. With higher character limit, the marketers no longer need to worry about character limits to convey their message to followers worldwide.

HASHTAGS WON’T HINDER CONTENT – One of the major disadvantages of 140 character tweet length was the inclusion of marketing campaign’s hashtags that limits the space for content even further. Once the new campaigns are released, the need for unique hashtags becomes necessary, which ultimately hinders the influencers ability to express themselves. But with double space, the influencer’s can publish a tempting tweet, complete with link, hashtag and engaging content.

INCREASED ENGAGEMENT – Along with detailed content complete with link, hashtags, your tweet will receive more engagement, more followers and you will end up spending more time on twitter. The higher character limit makes influencers and businesses feel more satisfied with how they expressed themselves on Twitter, and their ability to find good content. This will also result in substantial change in your timeline reading experience, you’ll see that many people have liked earlier posted Tweets in your timeline or commented over the same.

MORE AD SPACE – The best single feature of this change is the change itself. Now the Social Media Marketers have double the space to convey their message to the target audience. With 280 characters to work upon, marketers have the freedom to potentially revolutionize how Twitter is used. When the influencers will be given a larger canvas, no doubt they will produce something amazing. Extra space will facilitate great slogan or ad that has everyone talking.

This is not the first time that Twitter has played with changing the character limit of the tweet. This change has been made after listening and observing the problem global community was facing at large. The change will be highly beneficial for businesses in Social Media Marketing (SMM) in the long run.

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