How Hashtags Make Varied Impact on Facebook, Insta, Twitter & LinkedIn

#Facts OR #Fact 
Which hashtag will you use?

If you are thinking they both are the same then you are mistaken. Yes the ‘S’ makes all the difference

Numbers don’t lie and the research has shown that the popularity of #Fact is more than #Facts. From the past few years, we all can observe the usage of hashtags that have significantly increased. Individuals and businesses have become aware of its impact on improving customer engagement & also increasing the reach of the brand. Ignoring this game changer trend can not only cost you in terms of reach but can also affect your revenue cycle.

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The probability of losing potential clients becomes high when the right hashtags are not placed at the relevant platforms.

Therefore, when using trending hashtags, apart from keeping in mind about the popular ones, it is also essential to be careful about their relevancy and performance over different platforms. Each platform’s algorithm works differently for a specific set of hashtags. It deeply impacts a user’s experience while they visit your social platforms. But, before we jump to the specifics for using them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn, let’s take a look at how this concept works. Undoubtedly, we all know they are important for the engagement & to bring your brand or business in front of the audiences. But, How Simply Putting the Hashtags (for e.g. #Food) Can Put your Food Business in Front of Your Target Audience 

Don’t worry we are not going to throw some rocket science concept on you or explain the algorithm of the networking platform. It is really simple and easy to understand how it works.

Whenever you add related & popular hashtags in your social media posts, they categorize your content on the basis of relevancy & interests. These aggregated & specific postings are then displayed in front of the audiences according to their interest.

Hence, make wise use of them & maintain hashtag relevance with respect to your business.

Now let’s switch back to what we said earlier about the ‘Popular Platforms” & ‘The use of hashtags’. Let’s dig deep to have better insights on these platforms as well.

→ Talking first about the Facebook

On this social media platform, the hashtags can be used in any part of your post including the comment section too. Browsing the internet will give you suggestions, using up to 20 of them but ideally, it would be better to put 6. More than these can even lead to the failure of the engagement.

→ Moving to the other most popular platform that is Instagram

Following the similar pattern of facebook, hashtags fit best after the completion of the caption & also in the comment section. Additionally, it won’t be a bad idea to include them in the profile bio. As it will say a lot about the genre into which you are offering services. Instagram gives flexibility in terms of number as it allows 30 of them but to not represent your brand spammy, make the smart move & go with the optimal number around 10 to 15. 

LinkedIn, the professional & link building space

Though it is categorized into the social media platform, it equally needs your attention when you are posting your content. And above this, using the hashtags for the engagement. You can add them in the updates or informative articles. While using #s try to take the news, feeds, or your service-related tags. And also keep their number up to 5 at most as it will keep up your brand values & market image.

→ Lastly comes the Twitter 

It strictly believes in ‘Less is More’. Like its character limit that is (280 characters!), the engagement here with the hashtags works best if you use a maximum of 2 of them. At this platform, you can use them in retweets or replies where your engagement will surely work the best.

The takeaway from the above mentioned is not to make your postings look spammy & ruin your business image. For the sake of the engagement you should not bombard your reader with the irrelevant hashtags that make them take you as a service provider which wants your attention & sell you their respective services or products.

If you are new to this trend or have failed to try every tactic to make hashtags work for you, it is time to take a break and for a while let the experts of SMO agency do it for you. Their experience will surely do wonders for your business.

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