How Analysed Auction Insights Affect an Ads Ranking?

Impression share, Overlap rate, Position above rate, Top of page rate, Absolute top of page rate, Outranking share If we throw upon you these terms for making you understand the way your ad is performing, would you be able to comprehend it all?
Of course not, because we understand, for businesses what matters is the result for which they are investing the significant amount. But, to know whether your goal regarding the returns will be met or not, to have an idea about such technicalities becomes a little bit essential.

Henceforth, take a look below to have a brief about the Pay Per Click Services related terms to keep up with your competitors. And, this will also help you understand how these analyzed auction insights impacts on ads ranking. In addition to this, about the factors which interfere with the position of your business pages on the popular search engines?

  • What is Impression Share 

Firstly , briefing you about the meaning of Impression, it is a count for your ad, which gets seen in the running campaign.

It is a simple formula that is  

Received Impression

Eligible Impression 

The eligibility is determined by the factors that are currently running ads, targets, approval status, bids & quality scores too.

*It comes out in percentage

For e.g, If you have 50% impression share, then your half ads were visible when the keyword was searched, and remaining were not visible 

  • Overlap Rate

By the overlap rate you can understand it in this way. It is the calculated percentage for the impression getting on the competitors ads in comparison to yours in the same auction.

Position Above Rate

It is the frequency of other advertisers’ ads at the higher position in the same auction where your ad is also placed.

  • Top of Page Rate

This specifically takes the row into consideration, for analyzing the number of times, both yours & the competitor ad was placed on the top.

  • Absolute Top of Page Rate

It is the percentage of the impressions on your ad that was placed above in the organic search. The benefit of this is it gives you a clear picture of the performance that might be getting affected due to the location changes of advertisement.

  • Outranking Share 

This compares the number of times your ad has been placed above others & was displayed too.

Plainly, all above mentioned factors help in doing the comparison which simply assist in making the required changes. And it is done simply by collecting the data from the campaigns, ad groups, or keywords in the decided period. 

The analysis will make you come to terms with the competitor’s entry in the auction, about their performance too in the specific months. Also about the changes in strategy which is helping them outperform you.

These insights also help your business to keep a check on the devices for evaluating the performances. The behavior of advertisement can be varied according to the type of hardware by strategizing the biddings.
Undoubtedly, the monthly report of the auction insight makes a difference in your running campaigns over the keywords that can be either very competitive or have frequent searches. 

The study of your monthly report for the paid ads is important but it will be fruitful when you discuss them with experts. Their evaluation & understanding of the market trend & changing dynamics, saves time & gives increased ROI.

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