Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost

As of 2018, number of apps in the Google Play Store is 2.8 million while that in Apple’s App Store is approximately 2.2 million. In the upcoming 2-3 years, these numbers will surely going to double. These statistics are a direct sign that the mobile app economy is growing rapidly. The demand for mobile app development is at all-time high. Nowadays, more and more businesses are looking to create brand value and generate higher revenue with mobile apps.

But there are three primary questions: i) which company should you rely on to get top-notch mobile app development services? ii) What will be the factors that affect the development cost? iii) How much will it actually cost to create an app of your choice?

Well, the answer to the first question is Source Soft Solutions. We offer cutting-edge and customized iOS and Android app design and development services in compliance with our clients’ specific requirements. Below we have enlisted the factors that affect the mobile app development cost:

  1. Android App or iOS App: Android vs iOS, it is not an easy choice, we know. But if your business demands an app for both platforms, you have to develop an Android and iOS app from scratch with different set of development teams. Development time will be longer and it will cost you higher.

Developing Android apps costs 30% more than iOS apps. Why is it so? Android app development requires more coding and uses XML layout and fragmentation, which increase hours of work and time.

  1. App Functionality & Features – What are the features you want to incorporate in your app? What functions do you want it to perform? What are the services you are considering to provide through the app? Answer these three questions first prior finalizing the price quotient.

Android App Design and Development Services

The more the features you will incorporate, the higher the price will be. You need to invest a handsome amount of money to get an app built as per your requirements. There are three types of apps: simple, middle-sized and complex. A simple app built for a beauty information provider won’t cost as high as developing a business app with database management system.

The number of devices your app will support can also help you determine the development time and cost. If you want to provide better user experience and would like to include animations, 3D objects, and complex visuals, then it will be quite expensive to develop your app. Price points for mobile applications vary depending on the complexity of the development process and the mobile devices and platforms supported by the app.

  1. Maintenance Cost – The mobile app development cost does not end with the launch of the app, the real story begins with the cost of maintenance, which is 15-20% of the original development cost.

Once your app has been developed and launched, discuss with your developers and create a comprehensive budget for backend maintenance and timely app updates in order to address malware attacks, bug fixing and more. Do not spend all your budget at the preliminary stage, instead, gather customer feedback and implement them in your app to make it perfect.

  1. Application Hosting Cost – You app must be hosted somewhere in order to run properly. App hosting is considered to be the most vital investment made by the business owner. So, it is essential to select the right hosting provider for your app project. Selecting the best hosting provider depends on several parameters such as bandwidth per user, backend API requests and bandwidth per MAU. When you know these factors, you can easily find the host server that can help your app operate quicker and better.

Make sure to opt for a scalable hosting platform so that your app can be upgraded to the dedicated server once it starts to receive good amount of traffic. Dedicated hosting will cost you more than shared hosting.

  1. Application Security Cost – App security is essential whether it’s an mCommerce app or a business app. Most mobile apps handle employee data, transactions records and customer information, so security is the first thing to be taken care of by business owners. Your app must be secured enough to ensure safety of data retrieved from the users.

Data is king and losing it can cost your business more. A major security breach through your app means the end of the business. If the data is not secured properly, you might lose the trust of your existing customers and all potential future clients as well. When it comes to investment in data security, make the investment wisely.

An interactive, feature-rich and well-managed app can help you achieve your business goals and may help you rank at the top of app stores. From validating concept, stunning UI/UX design to selecting the appropriate mobile platform, custom elements and several other factors, Source Soft Solutions can help you design and develop the best app while keeping your budget and timeframe in mind. Our team assures to provide innovative and customized iOS and Android app design and development services that help you gain good returns on your investment.

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