Everything you need to know about React native app development

Are you looking for a framework that works with multiple platforms and does not negotiate on speed and productivity? Finding a framework that works effortlessly with both Android and iOS is a tricky task. But no more when you plan to choose React native. This open-source framework makes cross-platform development a smooth and efficient practice. Nowadays, there are options accessible in the marketplace, but finding the one that suits the project could be daunting. With the rise in popularity of mobile apps, businesses are confused between the two iOS or Android. It is the reason React Native has turned out to be an exclusive choice. To make you understand everything, you need to read the full blog post. Let us get started!

Build iOS apps with react native

Why choose React Native apps over Hybrid apps?

It is the question that comes to everyone’s mind- what makes the React native framework the best choice. As we know, the development of Hybrid apps is less costly because the mobile developer has to write a single set of code for both Android and iOS. But they have inadequate functionalities and deliver poor performance.

It is good to consider React Native development for your next project as it helps you combine the best features of both platforms. With the same UI s functioning as that of native Android and iOS apps, the Javascript codebase makes the React Native app development process faster and less costly.

Key features of React Native App

There are several features of React native that make it apart from others. With its outstanding features, it is easy to integrate this open-source framework with local characteristics and deliver an app that offers an experience like a native application. These apps have enjoyed an unlike position for their welcoming and influential UX in-built features. This new technology has changed the dimensions with its single coding features for both platforms. Now, it is time to dig deeper to understand better the benefits related to working with it:

2 in 1 code Reusability

The best part is that when you build iOS apps with React Native, you do not need to develop specific codes for both platforms. This framework uses Javascript for both. This code reusability improves the competence and speed of the development procedure and also diminishes cost. For accomplishing business goals, it is easy to use extensions that identify the device’s OS system and deliver desired results as per need.

User Experience

When it comes to business, the main motive is to offer the best user experience, and while developing cross-platform apps, they could not provide the needed User Experience. But React Native apps finally bridged the gap between never before. The framework does not use web components for the purpose. It is built with native APIs individually and directly, and boats of high performance, fast load time, smooth navigation, and visual appeal.

Secure Plugins

React native is the most popular app development framework. It is advancing its features every day. The framework offers a big library of safe extensions that you can install to tailor-make the application. This framework provides you with the flexibility to customize and make your app stand out of the horde.

Time-saving and profitable

Choosing a cost-Effective and money saving is the need of the hour, and when you develop an app with React native, the apps achieve both the points. In case you are planning to create an iOS app with React Native, as an alternative to developing two separate codes, you could use one for both platforms.

Huge Community Support

The Facebook created framework is used by some of the biggest brands and thus offering good community support. With so many big brands like Facebook, Instagram, Myntra, Airbnb the React Native enjoys vast community support. The main benefit of robust community support is the assistance available for developers. You can find open-source libraries of appropriate information to exploit for developing a React Native application.

What makes React Native App Development different from others?

The acceptance of React Native is gaining fame due to its revolutionary and flexible approach towards mobile app development. According to the latest statistics, the marketplace of cross-platform technology grows up to $81 billion in 2020. Further, React Native makes the product easier for developers to enter into cross-platform technology without learning a new language or skill. It is one main reason for its enthusiastic recognition in the developer community.


In simpler words, we can say the future of React Native is upbeat, and this framework is here to stay here for a long time. With all its benefits, the overall feedback for React Native is encouraging. It has become the best solution to boost the efficiency of development. The framework is full of opportunities, and tech giants vouch for its reliability & competence feature.

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