Creating a WordPress Website: A Free Guide

The thought of creating your own business website may seem overwhelming. Now, you must be thinking that this task is impossible as you only have some basic knowledge about computer and wesbites? However, the daunting task has been made easy by the software known as WordPress. Anyone who is not technically savvy can create a unique and professional looking website for their business, portfolio, blog and much more.

If at the same time, you’re looking forward to making your web presence more functional, robust and dynamic, hire dedicated WordPress application developer & programmers from Source Soft Solutions – one of the most distinguished web development companies. When you hire our dedicated WordPress programmers, you can be sure they are capable enough to handle most complex themes, templates, customizations, designs and development techniques.


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The below mentioned ultimate free guide for creating a WordPress site is a basic step-by-step process

In the present time, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. It is easy to use and its versatility enables the users and business owners to create a website in accordance with their needs and requirements.

Step 1 – Pick A WordPress Plan – The very first step is to pick a WordPress plan. If you go ahead with, you’ll have one plan option however you’ll be required to buy your domain, hosting provider, plugins, themes, and everything required for a WordPress site. But if you go ahead with, you can choose any plan from the four plans they offer. The basic difference is the monthly charges, your ability to create a custom domain name and obviously the features.

Step 2 – Setup Your Domain Name & Hosting Provider – Choosing a domain name and your hosting provider takes place simultaneously at the time of website creation. While the domain name is your website URL/address, hosting provider is where your website is actually stored. After you’ve purchased the domain name, your account will get the confirmation. After the account confirmation, you’ll be able to gain access to your hosting dashboard so that you can install WordPress.

Step 3 – Install WordPress – If you have chosen another hosting provider, outside of WordPress, you’ll have to install the CMS for connecting your domain to your website. Once the WordPress is installed, you have to answer few questions related to a domain you want to use, the directory where you would like to install WordPress and your domain information. It is only after this your website will be installed to your hosting account. Once this has been done, set up your “Primary Domain” so that the visitors can be redirected to your site when they search your URL.

Step 4 – Choose Your Theme – Now this is the stage where the customization process begins and seldom the non technical persons fail thereby ending up creating a website that is not so attractive or as per the expectations. That is the reason why its advised to hire WordPress developer for custom WordPress.

They can customize your website using themes and templates, which contain a multitude of layouts, formatting styles, colors, fonts, and other visual options. Whether you’re looking for a theme for multiple business types or one that is apt for your eCommerce site, portfolio, blog or niche business – the team will choose the best that will work for your specific needs.

Step 5 – Add Content To Your Website – – When it comes to WordPress sites, the content can be displayed in either of the two forms – posts and pages. While the posts are basically for blogs and portfolios and they also help in placing your new website content at the top of the search engines. Content for Web Pages can be written once with industry-specific keywords to define your services, specialization, mission, vision and more.

Step 6 – Customize Your Website – When you hire dedicated WordPress application developers, they are highly skilled in customizing your website. The first thing the developer will do is to create static or dynamic pages, add a navigation bar feature and enhance user experience by customizing the template and design.

Step 7 – Install Plugins – To enhance the overall appearance of the website and user experience, you can choose from a number of free and paid Plugins. There are available somewhere around 56,000 plugins for almost every website and user.

You can hire dedicated WordPress application developer & programmers at your convenience and project requirements on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis. We believe in delivering quality WordPress website and web app that helps you stand out among your competitors. Our team works dedicatedly for all our respective clients and put their best efforts to exceed client expectations.

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