Common UX Design Errors to Avoid While Creating an App

As the market competition is gradually increasing, it is important to deliver a favorable experience to all mobile app users. Imperfect features are normally discarded when it comes to beating other apps on the market. Mobile app development companies strive hard to develop a perfect app that helps their clients to grow their business. However, some common development mistakes can cost high. Have a look at some common UX design errors that you should avoid:

Common UX Design Errors to Avoid While Creating an App

1. Overlooking Compatibility with Other Apps:

An app does not work in separation. A smartphone is incomplete without special applications and features. You should confirm that the designed app works flawlessly with other apps and even devices.

For better understanding, let’s take an example of the COVID-19 contact tracing app. It is expected that the apps will make use of the geolocation applications in a mobile phone and connect the data with an app’s network. If the application fails to work in the right way with more features, it will fail.

Similarly, all apps should be capable to work in the presence of more applications. Moreover, they must ideally be open to enjoy the same experience in several screen sizes.

2. Complex Interface

The common thing about the app is the simplistic interface. Keep in mind the users now have a fast forward life. All are looking for a solution that works out quickly and seamlessly. Something quite difficult for users to navigate is automatically discarded by them.

In the way of developing an app, consider the features twice. You should consider the facts of the navigation as well as features made for the idea. Will you able to do things simply? If yes, it is better to resign the things. It is better to consider the Airbnb app that excels due to its interface and navigation. It assists in maintaining effortlessness while not compromising on functionality and intuitiveness.

3. Poor App Design

The basis of the app is quite essential than its outward practice. Create an app architecture before getting into the stage of the development. It will let you associate everyone to link each step to the bigger picture you wish to create.

You should map out the user flow and the map structure before getting worried about the aesthetics. Before starting the process, consider a consumer’s desires and industry needs. Some layers include presentation, business, and data access. The layers of the data access assist in securing the data transaction and storage.

4. Disappointing First Impression

Compare the first look of a website with a handshake while meeting a stranger. If the first impression is not energetic, there are fewer chances that things are adopted by the users. It is important to form the right impression.

5. Work As Per Competition

Similar to any sector, the app should also distinguish itself from contest to gain a frame. Just copying the techniques of the competitors in the market is not enough.

However, did you understand that similar apps like Line and Viber failed to gain the same approval as well as the market share? If you attempt to do something different from the industry, you will lose the currency in the market. You should highlight the specialty even in UX.

6. Push Notifications with Spam

Users of the smartphone in the US receive more than a hundred of the push notifications in a single day. And the majority of the users find them unhelpful. You should consider the condition. We don’t wish to receive notifications from the apps. Therefore, you should avoid getting spam. Avoid sending random news through push notifications. But, you should notify the things, no matter it is a new update or new for the usage. You can learn from the sunshine.

7. Don’t Keep White Space

Negative or so-called white space is important to stop the UX from seeming overpowering. A flourishing app balances in the middle of the content and even the white space. You should understand the app needs room for breathing to highlight the features and elements that you wish to showcase to the users. Try out to give everything through the app that all space on the screen will only boost the rate with which you drop users!

It is essential to consider the failure of Google Wave. However, at the starting hyped up, the app ultimately failed due to the interface was overwhelmed with top features. The designs which are overly-complicated design with the underperformance which results in the downfall.

8. Not Added Feedback

A UX must not be placed in stone. Well, it is better to use it according to the feedback you get. Keep in mind; the users are great judges of any action of the app. It will help you in learning what works or whatnot.

You should get feedback from real users to ensure the app is perfect for large audiences.

9. Variation in Design

Sometimes, the business understands that branding is not physical websites and products. Things are everywhere. No matter, it is related to the scheme of the color, font, or even template, you should confirm that every page of the app is reliable. It boosts the level of consistency recognition and familiarity. It is one of the basics for a seamless and smooth user experience.

Whether you need react native development services or PhoneGap development services or other kinds of services for your app, do not forget to keep these points in mind. Good Luck!

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