By the Numbers: 10 Incredible Marketing Statistics 2016

We have entered the last month of the year – December! In 2015, we have witnessed several changes in the way enterprises are marketing their business. Digital marketing is changing faster than ever and there’s a lot more to come. If the changes in 2016 are an indicator, you can expect more changes in 2017. However, before closing the chapter of 2015, get a grip of 10 incredible marketing statistics of the year so far.

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#1 – 50.3% of eCommerce website traffic comes from mobile devices.

#2 – 98% of B2B companies consider marketing content a core component of their overall marketing strategy.

#3 – 54% of B2B marketers generate leads from social media platforms in 2015.

#4 – Content marketing generates 3 times the leads generated by traditional outbound marketing, but it costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

#5 – 43% of online advertising dollars are spent on search advertisements.

#6 – 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via Email.

#7 – 90% of social traffic is driven by three networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with half of it coming from LinkedIn alone.

#8 – 40% of people say they will choose a different website if the first one is not mobile friendly.

#9 – 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from an eCommerce website that is compatible with mobile phone.

#10 – Mobile devices account for 53% of paid-search clicks.

These digital marketing stats explain why social media, mobile and content marketing are proving to be so successful. Seeing these stats, it cannot be denied that digital marketing will continue to grow into 2016.

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