Benefits of Combining Pay Per Click and SEO Efforts

Pay Per Click Marketing and SEO Optimization are two different branches of the same tree i.e. Internet marketing. Both of these tools are highly efficient in delivering great outcomes. However, they deliver better results when they work together. Google ranking fluctuates. Your website ranking can go up and down. Organic ranking is not the only option to rank at the top, ads are gaining more attention in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

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According to marketing experts, if you pay attention to both PPC and SEO, you are likely to get more profitable results. Where you can receive great results from either one, you can get tremendous outcomes from both. Isn’t it fascinating? Keep reading the blog-post and learn how the combo of these two can deliver sheer marketing benefits.

Understanding SEO and PPC Independently:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization aims to improve the position of website ranking among the SERPS. The process of SEO involves a variety of tactics of using keywords, backlinks, posting content, and so on. The sole purpose of the process is to increase visibility and traffic to the website. Google, based on the ethical practices, loading speed, quality of the content, user experience, and other factors, ranks a website at a particular position in the SERPs.

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising model that also follows the goal to drive traffic to your website. The difference is that you have to pay Google a certain amount for the traffic that arrives at your website. Google charges for each click that you get from your ad, and therefore, it is called pay-per-click. You do not pay anything if there is no click on your ad. Every pay per click campaign needs a budget that runs only once. If you want to re-activate the ad, you have to recharge the campaign once again.

Now, you may be thinking about how one affects the other. Right? They do not impact each other’s results in any manner. Websites have different teams to manage organic and paid marketing. Now the question is, can you use them together to get benefits from the same source? Yes, they can work together to improve the final outcome.

How Do SEO And PPC Work Together To Benefit A Website?

It is done through data sharing. You can use the data of one strategy to improve the other. When you run both the campaigns at the same time, it provides increased benefits of double data. So, you have more parameters to analyze and experiment with. You receive a trove of information like click-through rate, engagement metrics, conversion rate, etc. Let’s understand this with a simple example. Suppose you have organic CTR, ranking impression, clicks, and traffic from your SEO Campaign and you have CTR, CPR, and conversion data from PPC ad. A close look at both the sets will give you an idea of how to utilize data for better performance. There are plentiful ways you can seek help from the information-

  • When you have a low budget or you need to lower the budget. You can look at the areas that you think are less important and require too much budget. However, do not forget to analyze their effects after their elimination. If done correctly, you can recollect the traffic using the same strategies at a lower budget. One of the best examples of this strategy is the removal of less important keywords and the use of long-tail keywords that help you lower your budget.
  • When you want to beat your competitors. You always need to be one step ahead for winning the game. Google constantly releases new updates that impact the structure of SEO. If you use all the resources available, you develop higher chances of beating your competitors. You have opportunities to reach higher heights.
  • When you are looking to improve your SEO practices. Google limits the access of PPC data only to active advertisers. It affects SEO marketers as Google restricts them from taking advantage of keyword research efforts. PPC can help here. With this campaign, SEO professionals have access to important information like which keyword has high chances of conversion. SEO professionals can optimize their content to get more clicks on the landing page and improve conversion rates.
  • When you are looking for more keywords. It’s very uncommon to miss out on keywords. More data means more analysis and more valuable keywords. It can help in improving the targeting efforts of both teams. For example, a user searches for an answer on Google and sees your ad on the top. He clicks on the ad and reaches your landing page. You can check whether these keywords are being used on your SEO campaign. If not, you can target the keyword to draw attention from the same phrases at two different places. Similarly, you can also analyze the non-performing keywords and remove them.
  • When you want increased visibility. When you do not want to miss any opportunity of getting visible in front of the intended audience, you can run both the campaigns to draw the attention of people, improve targeting, increase remarketing, and match the content to improve reliability.

As a leading pay per click management company and SEO company, we help our clients grow their business through SEO and PPC campaigns. Feel free to contact us and know how we can help you reap the best of combined efforts.

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