Android Trends that will Reign in 2018

2017 has been a significant year in the field of mobile application development. Many companies have started realizing that mobile app is no longer an optional investment, instead they are a necessity. To fulfill the needs and demands of the customer and increase sales, mobile is the best solution. We have become much tech-conscious than ever before.

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Mobile development is one of the most actively growing sectors in the industry. IT industry has witnessed the invention of various mobile platforms but what catches the eye of most business owners is applications built on the Android platform. In the past few years, the demand for android application development services has increased. Following are the Android app development trends that will reign in the year 2018.

AI & Machine Learning – Machine learning empowers any Android app to recognize complex prototypes. In 2018, the technology will attract users to more innovative patterns with AI (Artificial Intelligence). In the year 2018, we would be exploring various verticals of AI, some of which are:

  • Deep Learning Theory – This neural network imitates human brain. Deeper neural network design is expected to come up in 2018.
  • Capsule Network – Another form of deep neural networks; it helps to maintain the hierarchical relationships. The Capsule Network can be widely used in neural network architectures.
  • Lean and Augmented Data Learning – The extra variations of this technology will come up in the later years, however, this technology will help you present broad problems.
  • Automated Machine Learning – This helps businesses to develop machine learning model for their business application without using any complex programming environment. In this year, one can witness more integration in Android development.

IoT in Android Development – IoT (Internet of Things) is gaining popularity across the world and it will continue to reshape the Android app development in 2018 too. In a very short time span, the latest development in technology has resulted in billions of mobile devices/smartphone. That is why we are always looking for the latest developments in the tech market. 2018 is all set to bring new phenomenon in Android development.

  • The upcoming business apps will feature IoT sensor
  • There will be more accessible healthcare apps using IoT
  • New network security in Android apps
  • Big data for Android applications

Android Native Apps – The native apps work like websites. Android native/instant applications can attract more customers with more efficient and effective results. You can take the advantages of such apps without installation. The Android native apps can be useful in the following manner:

  • Access the application easily by installing on your device
  • You will be able to share the native app on another device
  • Android instant app will be compatible with the all Android version.
  • The Android native applications will create more space on your smart device.

Cloud-Based Android Apps – With each passing day, Cloud technology is becoming much easier and faster to handle data without facing any troubles. Therefore, our Android experts lay much focus on cloud driven apps. The new upcoming trends in 2018 while developing an Android app are as follows:

  • Data Security for commercial business enterprises
  • Online cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. will create more data space with Android system.
  • On cloud-driven applications data streaming can be more flexible
  • Web browsing will be quicker and trouble-free on Android smart devices.

From the statistics, it has been revealed 75%-80% mobile app developers like to work for Android as against any other operating system. Android system is gaining popularity amongst smartphones and other smart devices. If you’re also looking to develop Android mobile application – Source Soft Solutions is the right place to be!

We can provide ultra smart android application development solutions to our clients. From gaming apps to Android wearables – we do it all!


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