All New iOS Apps Should Support iPhone X Super Retina Display

“Super Retina – Beauty Through Engineering”

With iPhone X, the device is the display. Apple’s new iPhone features Super Retina screen, which fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.

It is considered to be the best OLED display that has been introduced for the first time in the smartphone along with offering the best color accuracy in the industry.

The 5.8-inch Super Retina Display in iPhone X features an incredible contrast at a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, high brightness, and a cinema standard wide color gamut. To deliver an optimal viewing experience and the best system color management, colors have been precisely calibrated at all times.

In lieu of Super Retina Display, Apple has issued a new set of instructions to all the iOS developers across the globe. It has clearly notified the developers that from April 01, 2018 onwards all new iOS apps submitted to the App Store will require to support iPhone X Super Retina Display.

In addition, the developers should also ensure that the new apps are developed on the iOS 11 SDK or the advanced versions, and also in accordance with the edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED screen. And regarding the Smartwatches, it should be developed with watchOS 4 SDK or the latest version.

Apple’s new set of instructions to the developers can be seen as a major drive to promote the Super Retina Display – the future of mobile app development trend. The information also revealed that all new apps for iPhone, including universal apps, must support the Super Retina Display of iPhone X.

The support for Super Retina Display of iPhone X and iOS apps developed with iOS 11 SDK means that company has also stepped in to promote and enhance advanced features such as ARKit, Siri and Corel ML, etc. These features were included on the launch of iOS 11 Operating System.

But Apple has clearly stated that it is not mandatory for the developers to include these latest features. They can continue building apps without the presence of Machine Learning code, Augmented Reality (AR) or implementation of Siri.

The company has also informed that it will refuse to accept apps supporting the watch OS 1 SDK from April 01.

When it comes to app updates, Apple is very stringent and it lets no one goes astray on the laid down path of guidelines. But this time this Tech Giant hasn’t till date set any deadlines with respect to updating apps so that they can support the iPhone X natively.

Showing some leniency to the developers, the company has asked them to think about implementing the iOS 11 features but there is no compulsion at all. The company does not want to enforce developers to keenly abide by the rules of integrating the iPhone X features.

The new Face ID feature in iPhone is capable of analyzing more than 30,000 invisible dot points for creating a highly accurate facial map. If new iOS apps support the new Face ID feature, then they might get more attention from Apple.

How Retina Display Feature Can Help Mobile Apps Succeed?

The developers at mobile app development company are all equipped with the latest and advanced tools. They bring them into practice while building apps so as to deliver their respective clients with updated apps that help them succeed in the online marketplace.

Apple always believes in keeping its App Store comprehensively up-to-date and this is a good move in this direction.

Apple also maintains a significant space between the new apps and the existing ones. The iOS developers are very much aware of the fact that the company refuses to accept the old versions after the proposed deadline for updating app gets over. Therefore, they always design the apps in accordance with the latest trends as proposed by Apple.

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