5 Secrets That Make SEO 10x More Effective

Every business wants to rank on the Google’s First Page. This leads to increased reach of the targeted audience and engagement along with brand recognition. This also helps you outrank your competitors. After all, who would not like to be on Number #1? In today’s blog, we have shared with you 5 secrets that make SEO 10x more effective.

When it comes to lead generation, there exists a vast difference between ranking on Page #1 and Page #2. There are some strategies which when implemented can help you get ranked on the First Page. But to help improve your Google ranking, you need to implement both onsite and offsite optimization strategies.

Below are enlisted offsite and onsite SEO tips from the best SEO consulting service providers that help increase audience reach, website visibility and web traffic. Together they will surely help you rank on Page 1 on Google:

Secret #1 – Regularly Post Unique & Engaging Content – Content is king. It is the most effective way to promote your brand, boost engagement and convert more visitors. Writing an enriching blog that engages the reader is a sure shot way for Google to recognize your brand. Users like to read the content that is informative and cater to the needs of what they are looking for. But, if the content isn’t unique, don’t read well and simply keyword stuffing has been done – you’ll be penalized. Hire a professional team of content writers from Source Soft Solutions who will help you get your brand message out in the most unique way.

Secret #2 – Ensure to Find the Right Keywords – When creating presence in the online marketplace, search for relevant keywords in accordance with your brand and what people are exactly looking for. When you use these keywords in your website, it becomes easier for Google to crawl your site. This in turn will boost your ranking.

Secret #3 – Be Assured That Website Is Optimized for Google – Once you have chosen the right keywords, ensure that you use them in title, meta description, URLs, headings, images and throughout your content. These elements help Google know about your page and whether the content will be of any use to the visitors. H1 heading is considered as the book title while H2 is the chapter heading. Visitors spend 10 seconds on a particular website and if they don’t find any headings, they will leave your website. It also lets Google determine how well your site should rank. Provide users with what they are looking for to avoid high bounce rate.

Secret #4 – Don’t Forget the Link Building – To get your website rank on first page of Google – link building is a must. This is because, when you build external links to your site, you essentially gain the power to rank higher than other businesses in the same domain. It isn’t necessary to build links, you can also have natural links from other sites directed to your site. Now how to get natural links free of cost? Well, it’s all easy – write interesting content that people will love and websites post them on their website with links to your site.

Secret #5 – Have a Strong Social Presence – Securing a position on the first page of Google might seem to be a difficult task initially, but it isn’t so. Create social media accounts, they will help your website rank. Make sure that content you post on Facebook and Instagram is of high quality, informative, and engaging. Also ensure that all the accounts are bookmarked and shared amongst the targeted audience. This is because it tells Google that page has great information and will be highly beneficial for the visitor.

These secrets strategies when implemented properly will help you get to the first page of Google. Let the highly skilled team of professionals at Source Soft Solutions help your business rank on Page #1 of search engines. We provide the best SEO consulting services and will design a digital strategy that can put your business on the roadmap to success.

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