5 Fundamental Truths About Social Media Marketing

With total 2.08 billion smartphone users across the globe, it seems social media is everywhere these days. And, why not! Social media provides people a platform to remain mobile and express their voice over anything. An average social media user remains active for 2 hours and 25 minutes daily. This can be defined as social revolution wherein people consume what they want, when they want and from where they want. Perhaps, that’s why, businesses are also leveraging the massive opportunity provided by social platforms. But are brands properly utilizing the power of social media as a marketing tool? Without understanding the fundamental truths of social media marketing, businesses are doomed to struggle; while after knowing the facts, they will definitely thrive.

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  • Truth #1: Social listening, not social talking
    The social media law – Less Talking and More Listening – is the perfect weapon to understand the mind of your target audience and their needs. When you join conversations, you tend to learn about what’s more important to your customers. Understand that you need to market to them, and not at them.
  • Truth #2: Social selling is actually not selling
    Promotional messages or advertising content is a huge turn-off to social media users. Social selling doesn’t work the way you think. It is a path to increased user engagement. People are not interested about your products or services but about the benefits that they can gain after using such services. Practice social first and selling second to win more customers.
  • Truth #3: Number of fans and followers doesn’t matter
    You must know quality trumps quantity. The number of fans and followers you have on Twitter and Facebook or other social networks doesn’t matter, if they don’t engage with your content. It is just a number. What really matters in social platform is Engagement! Create quality & relevant content with visually appealing images and catchy headlines to connect with your niche customers who are more likely to share your social content with like-minded people.
  • Truth #4: It’s really not new
    It might be possible your business has just joined Instagram, but your customers are here for last few years. Using a social network is not new and neither the customers are new to the social arena. Your competitors are also marketing on social media, but you have to stand out as the most interesting source of useful information to attract, engage and convert more customers. Create a social media marketing strategy that helps you outpace your competitors, maintain brand name and build long-lasting relationship with your customers.
  • Truth #5: It’s not an overnight fix
    You have to apply the law of patience in your social media marketing plan because success here doesn’t happen overnight. You might be thinking brands that post ‘viral’ content are more successful, but social marketing is not about going viral, it’s about community. Your actual value lies with your niche community. You cannot get success overnight unless you show true dedication. To be successful, commit to the long haul of social engagement to achieve greater results.

Facts related to social media marketing are indisputable, but the actions you’re required to take are necessary. The bottom line is, stay engaged & be active to handle social media in the right way.

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