5 CMS Features That Helps to Increase Traffic and Revenue

The selection of an appropriate content management system can be overwhelming. What’s more, it can decide the destiny of your online business. The software creates and manages digital content, enabling users to control the design and content of the website. With limited resources, the content management system allows you to build and manage complex features efficiently.

These features of the CMS have variations across various platforms, and therefore, it is important to select a content management system that meets the end goals. Selection becomes even more crucial for companies that want to involve in digital marketing to level the playing field.


5 CMS Features That Helps to Increase Traffic and Revenue

However, an intuitive dashboard, responsive themes, powerful publishing tools, detailed analytics, pre-made templates, and publish control are some of the most powerful features of an ideal CMS. However, there are some other underrated yet extremely helpful features that contribute to the robust structure of your website. As a leading custom CMS development company, we are going to tell you 5 important features of an advanced and efficient content management system that can drive results for your business. These are the features that you absolutely need to have an excellent business website. Take a look.

Huge Mobile Compatibility:

Before, understanding the role of mobile compatibility, let’s take a look at some popular stats:

  • Approximately 50% of mobile searches belong to the local businesses
  • More than 66% of searches for eCommerce businesses come from smartphone users
  • Approximately 70% of mobile users opt for a call button to call businesses directly through the advertising ads
  • Approximately 65% of searches result in a phone call
  • 53% of mobile site visitors leave the page that takes too long. Ideally, it should be loaded in 2 or 3 secs

So, consider the CMS of the website as the platform which will be used by a huge number of users around the world wide web. Regardless of what kind of device a user has, the page should be optimized and displayed quickly and accurately. If the platform of your website supports AMP or accelerated mobile pages, it can get you more visibility, engagement, and conversion.

Excellent Support:

Support for the website is equally important like any other feature. Most of the open-source platforms do not have a support center. They are offered exclusive documentation and connect with an engaged community of users through user groups, forums, wikis, and other events. All of these means are more helpful to fill the gaps and provide the best assistance. For instance- Joomla alone has a huge number of community members who join the forum to engage with each other and discuss the software.

Security against Cybercrimes:

Running a business website is not at all easy. Your CMS may represent attractive targets for hackers and cybercriminals. CMS vulnerabilities for commercial as well as public sector entities, eCommerce websites, HR portals, and other significant sectors are quite high. Any attack could cause financial and reputational harm.

That’s why ensuring security for website administrators, developers, creative personnel, and others become an essential step. During 2018, more than 18 million CMS users suffered from security breaches through cyberattacks. It is important to confront the issues of data breach hidden in the surface layer of the website. So, your CMS should be able to prevent these web-borne threats that can harm your business.

Use of Schemas in the Backend:

Today, people are getting crazy over voice and visual search readiness. Schemas used for the website are data markup that allows the search engine to have a better understanding of the context of your website content. Also, this is the best technique to ensure that the content of your website is visible in the search engine result pages to help people find products that you sell.

A large number of websites rank on search results through their marked-up content. This is because the search engines, Siri, Google Home, Alexa, and others prefer websites with schema tags in the backend. This is how the schema tags transform the search process and help you reach the target audience.

Built-in SEO Tools:

A big portion of CMS covers the needs of a targeted online audience. If more traffic and conversion are the main motives of your website, you should select the CMS with built-in SEO tools. The software helps you to optimize your content for search and improve the ranking of your website. Having this feature becomes mandatory for businesses dependent on Google searches for their visibility and profits.

It should have proper HTML markup, marketing-friendly permalink, responsive design elements, social media integration, and other advanced SEO features to allow the search engines to find your website easily and effortlessly. It should include features like site speed optimization and crawlability optimization to support excellent strategies for search engine optimization. This how the feature of SEO works for efficient online marketing.


Together, all these features can dramatically maximize the number of people who reach your domain, engage with your business, shop from your collection, and improve your return on investment. So, if you have not recognized the worth of a CMS, you may be overlooking the great opportunities coming to your way.

Change your mind and hire a CMS web development company like Source Soft Solutions to implement a powerful CMS for your online store. Our customized CMS development services can drive the best results for your business. Whether you are a hotel website or an eCommerce website or a service provider, our highly efficient CMS solution can help you grow quickly. Feel free to connect our professionals anytime, anywhere.

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