3 Surprising SEO Facts That Marketers Should Know

As a marketer, we all know that search engine optimization is the most effective tool to make any business successful. Billions of people across the world search on the Internet on a daily basis and SEO is a great way to expose your business to these potential searchers. The reason why getting success in SEO becomes harder for marketers because they fail to understand the truth that SEO constantly changes and so should their SEO goals. So how can you get most out of your SEO strategy? Below are given SEO facts that will provide you guidance for achieving great success in search engine marketing campaigns:

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#Fact 1: SEO is now about long-tail keywords
Keyword-based search engine optimization is no more valuable for your business. Now there is a resurgence of long-tail keywords. Stuffing content with too many keywords is not going to guarantee you top position in search results. Search engines are using new algorithms to review content semantically in order to understand the meaning of sentences that have been formed using the keywords.

#Fact 2: SEO is 75% off-page activity and and 25% on-page activity
On-page SEO is about the activities you do on your webpages including selecting right keywords, optimizing header tags, meta title descriptions and alt-text images. Off-page SEO activities include blogging, forum marketing, social media marketing, social bookmarking, directory submission, local listings and link baiting. On-Page SEO results are in your hand but off-page SEO is not. Work harder to make off-page SEO results in your favor.

#Fact 3: Social media channels have become search engines
Today people don’t just go to search engines to find what they are looking for. They have become clever now. Marketers cannot fool them with content rich in keywords that is not providing useful, valuable and interesting information. To check the credibility of companies and their services, they turn to social media sites and do a quick research about a business on various channels. Make sure your business has a stellar social media presence.

Search engine optimization strategies are evolving every day. These key takeaways will help you broaden your SEO approach and foster better brand presence.

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