3 PHP Development Tools That You Cannot Miss In 2021

When we talk about development, PHP is the language that comes to our mind. It is an open-source language that is the fastest and most extensively used server-side scripting language. For the past decade, it has been used for building websites and web apps. Well, there are ample reasons to choose this flourishing yet feature-rich language, and this is the reason that most of the developers prefer PHP for development purposes. Along with a huge community, it also offers documentation and ready-to-use scripts that make the work of developers more than easy.

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To make your work less lengthy today, we have listed three tools that make your most challenging task even simpler. It is quite clear that the market is flooded with options that businesses and developers can choose for development but choosing the best one is crucial. Hence, without wasting time in debate, explore the top 3 best PHP development tools: 

Sublime Text 3

It is a name you must have heard as its classy yet sturdy text editors make it the first choice for the PHP developers out there. It has an elegance that helps in adding some extraordinary features and functionalities to work. The unique advantages of this tool make it preferred amongst the developer community.


  1. Allows multiple sections
  2. Easy to and change variable names and other attributes
  3. Supports split editing
  4. Better command palette
  5. Supported by all popular languages
  6. Distraction-free mode
  7. Numerous plugin API 

Zend Studio

It is well-renowned among the developer’s community because of its optimal speed. It makes writing and debugging the code hassle-free and doesn’t demand additional exertion and time. This PHP IDE comes with abundant features and benefits and supports the integration of X-ray, Xdebug, and Zend Debugger. 


  1. Indexing PHP Code
  2. Faster Performance 
  3. Support for Eclipse Plugin
  4. Supports multiple languages
  5. Docker Support
  6. Support for Eclipse Plugin


Multiple tools in the market make developer jobs easier, but when we talk about the list of  best PHP development tools, Eclipse is the name that strikes the mind. It is an open-source, free tool that you can use to compile any version, as usual. An advanced development tool offers a broad range of plugins that simplify the complex PHP code. 


  1. Support both GUI and non-GUI applications
  2. Ideal for large-scale PHP projects
  3. The documentation is extensive 
  4. Active community support 
  5. Code templates and code formatting
  6. It allows unit testing
  7. Syntax highlighting
  8. Several Code template options


PHP Development services have gained huge recognition, and it is continuously maintaining its position in the market. The abundant number of features and the open-source nature of tools it offers make it famous across the globe. All the three tools mentioned here offer outstanding features and capabilities. It is completely your choice to choose the one that suits your development project in the best possible aspect.

We hope our blog has been helpful to you, and in our upcoming blogs, we will continue to add more PHP development tools to keep you updated. If you have doubts, connect with our expert team; being a reliable PHP Development Company, we have a team of professionals ready to assist you!

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