3 Keys to Retaining Your Mobile App Users and Increasing Engagement

Do you know that only 26% of users keep the mobile apps they download? The first hardest thing is to get users to download your app, but if they find it not-so-interesting, then they are likely to uninstall your app. Today, in the evolving mobile marketing landscape, first impression and subsequent impressions, all are essential to keep your users engaged and increase retention. How you can turn your app installers into power purchasers? To put it simply, your app should be something that users actually want to use it, otherwise, your app will be pushed aside by the user! Here is how you can increase your mobile app engagement:

Mobile App Users and Increasing Engagement


  • Balance your retention rate and engagement activity: User engagement is associated with the time spent by the user and actions taken by them. Retention is a bit different, and describes how often and how many times user opens your app. The best way to balance both is to send gentle reminders to users that tempt them to come back. You can lure your users with offers and deals for the same products and services that they were searching for the first time when using your app. This can help you cultivate user engagement as well as retention.
  • Easier onboarding: A well-designed application with tasteful instructions, clear action buttons and other features enable users to understand your app quickly. Easier onboarding features can help reduce abandonment rates. The only thumb rule that applies here is: The easier it is to sign up or use your app, the greater will be the user engagement.
  • Social integration: Social media provides a great platform for engaging with your users. Social media integration doesn’t simply means letting users share your app content on their Twitter feeds or sending messages to their Facebook pages that their friend has started using your app. You need to dig deep down to get people’s attention to your app. Use social media landing page as a billboard for your app or promote your app by publishing recent activities taken by users on their Facebook pages.

Making your app engaging is a very high-stakes game. Don’t let your app fade into the dark. If the app preferences of today’s mobile shoppers are changing, you should change your mobile communications strategies. The more you communicate, the greater will be your app engagement. So, to achieve app success, follow this mantra – “Make it tenacious.”

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