3 Hacks to Make Your Mobile App Financially Successful

Success comes to those who work hard for it. By understanding this subtle difference, your business can thrive in the consumer-driven environment where mobile-first mindset is the new paradigm. Today, over two million of mobile apps are there in app stores and the number is increasing every month. Now, the question arises how would you make sure your mobile app get noticed and downloaded by millions of users? There is a sure formula that could make your mobile app financially successful. Check it out here.

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1Decide your fate

There are four application stores: Apple App Store, Windows Store, Google Play and Blackberry App Store. How to choose the best platform for your mobile application? You know your customers best and which platform they use the most. This is one of the decisive factors for selecting platform for your mobile app development. You must also consider the revenue generated at app stores. Would you like to sell your app at fixed price to Windows Store or free of cost to Google Play? Before deciding the fate of your app answer these questions and select the platform carefully.

2Prepare a good marketing strategy

For instance, you have developed an awesome mobile app with great design, unique features and enhanced user experience. What next? You have to distribute/market it to end users. The reason why majority of startup mobile apps fail is because they don’t get noticed by their audience. Don’t assume that creating and launching your app on the app store is enough to get million downloads. To make your launching efforts effective, use press release and social channels to generate buzz in the market. Optimize your mobile app for the app store using right keywords in its title and description so that users can find you.

3. Create a feedback loop

Don’t think your app will create rage once it’s out. You need to constantly work on to improve its features based on what customers want. Getting feedback from app developers and quality analysts is not enough because they are not your target audience. Once your app starts getting decent traction, think about how to keep them engaged as it is possible that users will download your app and forget. Keep track of features most used by users, respond to their feedback and improve the features that are not being used by customers. Creating such feedback loop is crucial for the success of your app.

It is possible to get higher return on investments from your mobile app if right foundations are in place. The recipe for mobile app success begins with the selection of right platform and timely distribution using right channels. Once you’re able to delight the small segment of happy mobile app users, you can scale your efforts to reach out to more customers confidently.

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