3 Email Marketing Tactics to Engage B2B Clients

Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach potential customers if done in the right way. Generally, the best practices of a good email marketing include writing a catchy subject line, an engaging body content and providing a quick call-to-action button. However, unlike in B2C marketing campaign, where you need to tap into the emotions of customers, in B2B email marketing, it’s all about logic. B2B recipients don’t buy the moment they receive your email, they first explore your website for more information and then make decision accordingly. So, it’s important to strike the right chord for tapping into the strengths of Email marketing to engage B2B clients. Here’s how you can do that –

Email Marketing Tactics

  • Curated content always work – While sending email to a B2B client, remember you have to sell the content and not the product. The client will look for what’s in it for them and how you can help them to solve their problems. So, instead of “Buy Now” or “Try Me Now” call-to-action (CTAs), use “More Info” button in case of B2B emails. Prepare a good landing page with all information regarding your expertise that can help your clients to solve their problems.
  • Don’t think ‘one size fits all’ You can miss opportunities if you have the mindset ‘one size fits all. It certainly doesn’t apply to B2B email marketing. When it comes to purchasing your products or services, a group of people called decision making unit (DMU) is involved in the process. Your email should be tailored to target both final decision makers and DMU.
  • For landing page content  Less is more: If the recipient finds your email to be interesting and feel that your services can solve his/her problem, the first thing he/she will do is click the CTA button in the quest of knowing more about your credentials. Readers consume your landing page content in F-shaped manner (Two horizontal lines and then vertical content streaming). So, your landing page copy should have first few lines with titles and bullet points, followed by subtitles and then bullet points. If your website copy matches the motivation of the readers, you can create awesome experiences and increase conversions.

It’s a huge pitfall if you modify your B2C emails to send them to B2B clients. You need to create focused and segmented emails with industry-specific content for B2B recipients. Because remember email is still your workhorse for B2B marketing!

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