“meetDchef is an on-demand food delivery app. The app connects food lovers with nearby restaurants in Lagos Island, Nigeria. It lets customers order food from thousands of places in their neighborhood. meetDchef aims to deliver local dishes from local restaurants to customers, by eliminating the distance hurdle.”


The main idea behind creating the meetDchef app is to develop an amazing on-demand food delivery service app that provides users with access to hundreds of new and delicious restaurants in the nearby area. Our business analysts worked closely with the client to understand his requirements and prepared a document with all specifications and prototypes. Our design and development team used the latest technologies to develop a cross-platform app for meetDchef. We also developed and deployed its website. The app has three versions – meetDchef Customer, meetDchef Rider, and meetDchef Restaurant.

Project Overview

People love food, more when they get their favorite dishes delivered to their doorstep. Online food delivery solutions have become a hit among youth, Gen-X, Gen-Z, and even the older generation. The client saw an increasing demand for a food delivery app in Lagos Island and approached Source Soft to develop a cross-platform mobile application to let people in Lagos Island order food from their favorite local restaurants but with effective services and timely delivery. The idea was to create an app for users to order food, for restaurants to accept orders and select riders, and for riders to get order and pickup locations for on-time delivery.

  • Project Objectives:

    The main challenges that we faced while developing the meetDchef app was to maintain the order status in real-time among customers, riders, and restaurants. We were required to formulate an algorithm that would show the order status in real-time to restaurants for food preparation, riders for locating food pick-up and delivery addresses, and customers for rider tracking. Another challenge was to develop an algorithm for rider selection by restaurants.

  • Technologies Used:

    We used Xcode & Swift for iOS app development and Java for Android app development; MySQL for database management and PHP CodeIgniter for developing its back-end system; and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD for app designing.

  • Project Solutions:

    We developed iOS and Android Apps, both front-end and back-end along with app designing. To deal with the above challenges, we created three separate apps for customers, riders, and restaurants with real-time notifications to each of the three players. The app also features rider tracking, in-app messaging, extensive restaurant database, search/filter option, payment gateways, promo & referral codes, and feedback options.

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