“Proassur is an insurance brokerage firm in Senegal that offers the best insurance offers to its customers with the help of its insurance partners. It offers all types of insurance coverage under one roof – health insurance, motor insurance, house insurance, travel & credit insurance, and individual accident insurance.”


Proassur is recognized in the insurance market in Senegal for its high-quality insurance services and professionalism. It is a one-stop destination for all your insurance needs. Some of the big insurance companies that have partnered with Proassur are AXA, AMSA, Allianz Senegal, Askia Assurances, Cnart Insurance, and Nsia Assurance. The client approached us to develop an online comparison tool that allows buyers to compare insurance offers and tariffs from different insurance companies while allowing Proassur to manage operations of its brokerage firm.

Project Overview

Proassur is an online comparison tool for buying any type of insurance. This web application makes buying insurance easier and quicker. No need to travel or take any hassle for getting insurance for your home, car, travel, accident, or other things. The client wanted us to build an insurance brokerage and management software platform that makes the insurance buying process a simple task for its customers. He was looking for a simple web application so that he could manage the insurance companies and their shares and commissions with ease.

  • Project Objectives:

    The client asked our team to develop an online insurance product that provides customized insurance offers based on the details provided by customers. The main challenge was to create a tool that gathers and analyzes customer data and matches them with the best insurance offers. Other challenges were to ensure data security, uptime reliability, commission calculation for insurance partners, and data analysis.

  • Technologies Used:

    We used PHP CodeIgniter for developing the back-end and front-end systems. We chose CodeIgniter because it provides libraries to connect to a database and perform various operations such as sending emails, uploading files, and managing sessions. We used MySQL for database management and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD for website designing.

  • Project Solutions:

    We worked with the client to understand his requirements and designed prototypes and wireframes for different insurances that it offers. We developed an online application with web-based real-time quoting, claims completion and submission, customer profile and data management, payment to partners, chat support, file storage, and commission calculator.

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