Tips on Speeding up the Mobile App Development Process

There is no denying that mobile application is an expensive process that strictly needs expertise and excellent efforts. It brings your idea to life. Among all the components, speed and quality remain the two most important components when deciding on the success of any mobile app.

With lengthy development cycles, mobile app development comes up as a matter of concern for businesses and developers both. On the other hand, it can also increase costs. Thankfully, there are some resources and tips that can help you to speed up the development process and give full control over the amount of time spent in the development.

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With the information, you will have the tips, tricks, and tools you need to run the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Use Low-Fidelity Wireframe For The Blueprints:

The most important approach to ensure faster development time is using low-fidelity wireframes to work and plan the app layout from the designing point-of-view. It does not take much time. The use of low-fidelity wireframes is far better than high-fidelity wireframes when considering the blueprints as they are more abstract with basic details. This wireframe is going to be for a temporary purpose.

With the wireframe, you have functionalities that you wish to include in the app. It makes it possible for the development and designing process to run in parallel.

Launch Minimum Viable Product:

It is great to contact an app development company that launches only a minimum viable product instead of giving a complete app to enter the market. It can be launched in the market in a much speedy manner. One of the best benefits of releasing MVP is that it starts collecting the data using a build-measure-learn feedback process. This feedback will give you a glimpse into the improvement you require for the app development process.

Try to keep your sprints short and release the updates in 2-4 week periods. Throughout the cycle, the developers should test every involved process that would ensure the demands and the quality of work among the users.

Elimination of Non-Core Activities:

Once you are done with the core product, it becomes even more important to know how your mobile app can engage your customers. For a greater response and success, it must interact, understand their needs, and increase awareness of your brand among the target audience.

Different mobile engagement platforms have different applets that add value to your application without the additional requirement of coding. Such applets are mostly the sharing tools, special offer notifications, feedback options, new feature walkthroughs, etc.

Through all these attributes, you would be able to penetrate the market and have an idea about the performance of the app among its users.

Automated Testing For Better App Security:

Automation of mobile app testing is one of the approaches that a professional app development company consider for developing a secure and quality app. Automated testing is the most viable way to facilitate speedy development cycles. With a high-end product, it also ensured improved security of the app.

Automated testing can simultaneously run a big number of tests which could require many hours to complete if it is done manually. You can also expand test coverage due to speeding up the testing process within the same budget and time. That’s how automated testing will go in your favor to help you with your needs.

Outsourcing Non-Core Development Features:

In any case, your developers have to involve in a lot of different level of coding, you can simply go for another option of outsourcing non-core coding. It will reduce your development efforts. Besides, it can literally make great savings on time and cost both. By doing this, you will be handling the work through people who are experts in their domain. It will complete the project faster and on a limited budget.

Less Iteration per Sprint:

Make sure that the company you select should be capable of speeding up the development and deployment by diving up the process into sprints. It should discuss each story related to the clients. By keeping the client in the loop, the company can reduce iterations by significant numbers. It will give you a clear understanding of what is going to be next in app development.

Component-Based UI:

This is another tempting method to speed up the process. The use of component-based UI allows you to save a huge amount of time and develop a sustainable technical framework. The framework can easily be changed between the apps. It can be reused where the iterative and agile process is supported. Some most common reusable code components are- ‘Share on Social Media’, ‘Login using Facebook’, ‘Login Using Gmail’, etc.

Choosing Node.js for Mobile App Development:

Node.js is now a very popular and standout mobile app development platform. It requires reduced time to market your product, provides an extensive ecosystem, creates modular designs, gives you cost-effectiveness, creates real-time apps, helps in great monitoring dashboard, comes with great community support, and a lot more.

However, you need to find out a highly professional node.js app development company to fetch all the features of the platform. For this, you can consider Source Soft Solutions. Our clients leverage our Node.js app development services to receive highly functional, scalable, and real-time mobile app. From app consulting to deployment, we create functional and business-oriented apps. Contact us to hire our highly experienced and proficient Node.js developers today. Let’s get your app idea going with one of the best app development company.

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