Pocket Watcher

"Pocket Watcher App is all about Places, People and Things. Use social media to buy and sell things & keep track of everything through the app."

Pocket Watcher

The idea behind Pocket Watcher is to create an easy way to bring social media into the eCommerce world. Source Soft Solutions designed and developed this mobile app using the latest React Native cross-platform app development technology. We also developed and deployed its website. The Pocket Watcher app is a peer to peer sales model, where other users can post, buy and sell products to each other. This app gives customers more control over what they buy, sell and advertise.

Project Overview

Social eCommerce is a new strategy for eCommerce platforms and businesses are using this idea to generate more sales, engage more customers and get customer buying data. The client wanted us to develop a mobile application for both the platforms – iOS and Android – wherein customers can view products such as People, Places and Things, add them to their watch list, send messages to people as well as share those products. App users can post items and buy them.


  • Project Objectives:

    The main objective of this app was to enable users to buy products (People, Things and Places) through social media and our client also wanted to collect all information about a customer and how it relates to their buying habits. The main target audience is avid online shoppers who want greater control over how they buy and sell products.

  • Technologies Used:

    We used JSX (extension of JavaScript) for native iOS and Android app development; and Adode Photoshop, PSD and AI for app designing.

  • Project Solutions:

    We developed iOS and Android App, both Front-end and Back-end along with app designing. The Pocket Watcher App lets registered users add 10 People, Places and Things to their watch list, they can track all the activities done by people, place or thing and receive notifications for their favorite things. The app also features live streaming, Google search ability and bar code scanner.

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