Dot NET vs PHP: Which One is Better for Web Application Development

The competition level in the web application development industry is so intense that there exists no chance for error. You might have an outstanding idea and have also chosen the salient features for your web app, but your application will only stand out amongst the competitors if you select the appropriate technology coupled with unique ideation and other important factors.

.NET and PHP are the most widely used programming languages across the world for web application development. PHP is a popular scripting language which has been used by top enterprises such as Wikipedia, Facebook, and Tumblr. On the other hand, the simple, efficient, functional-first programming framework – ASP.Net is an open source development platform for building beautiful and compelling applications for web, mobile, desktop, gaming and IoT environment.

Dot Net Application Development Services

The key differentiating point is that PHP is a programming language whereas .NET is a complete platform that consists of two main programming languages – C# or VB.Net – and ASP.Net. PHP is a free open source platform and .NET is a paid Microsoft Windows platform. PHP is the perfect blend of a programming language and a web framework whereas .NET is a straight application framework. Applications written on PHP run on a web server, such as Apache Server and Microsoft IIS server. Dot NET applications run specifically on Microsoft IIS server.

But, still, the question is which platform one should choose for their web application?

Speed and Performance

There exists very little difference when it comes to speed and performance between a PHP-based and .NET-based site. Both PHP and .NET are capable enough to run the routine processes and produce the desired results such as access to file systems, find images, and display pages on a web server. The speed of the performances is based much more on the database server, end user’s computer, and bandwidth.

Platform Dependency

PHP is platform independent and can run on any platform namely  Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows. On the other hand, .NET is built to run only on the Windows platform. You can use .NET Core to run apps on Linux and MacOS.

Scalability and Ease of Maintenance

Whether you select PHP or .NET, the scalability and ease of maintenance have no role to play. Both of them are extremely scalable languages. The scalability and ease of maintenance of your web application will depend on the experience of the programmer, programming practices, guidelines and standards as well as the expertise of your PHP or Dot NET application development service provider.


PHP is an open source, therefore, is completely free while .NET is owned by Microsoft, so it has some extra cost associated with the development process. PHP, MySQL server, PostgreSQL server, Apache server, and Linux OS are all free and upgrades are also free. .NET and Microsoft IIS are free if you purchase Windows OS. However, you’ll have to bear the substantial cost for a Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and future upgrades. But .NET-based web apps are perfect for B2B processes and complex business functions.


Both Dot NET and PHP have a vast community and a large pool of developers who post regularly on forums and is ever ready to answer the query if you ever get stuck.

The choice of the appropriate platform for the web application development project is imperative. It needs to be done carefully taking into consideration your business objectives, app purpose and other needs. There is nothing that either platform can’t achieve. You should analyze the suitability of the platform for your application rather than going by the popular belief.

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