5 Big Ways Industries Are Using Big Data Analytics Solutions Today

Data will talk to you if you’re willing to listen. The concept of Big Data Analytics has been there for decades even before anyone uttered the term “big data”. Previously, businesses used basic analytics to uncover the insights and trends. Today, organizations understand the potential of big data and are trying to capture all the data that streams into their businesses to derive significant value from them.

The biggest advantage of utilizing big data is speed and efficiency. The ability to work faster – and stay agile – gives organizations a competitive edge they didn’t have before. At Source Soft Solutions, we provide advanced big data analytics solutions that help companies solve complex business problems, increase efficiency and create new revenue streams. As a reliable provider of big data analytics consultation services, we help your organization harness the power of data and solve data dilemmas.


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Leading organizations among different industry verticals, including aerospace industry, sports and life sciences industry, along with government agencies are leveraging big data cloud based big data analytics solutions. Do you know how? Below we have enlisted the ways, check them:


Pharmaceutical Research – The pharma industry has been constantly struggling with low success rate in R&D activities. Big data has emerged as a big game changer for this industry. By integrating the big data analytics, the phrama companies are able to focus on the specific geographical areas to promote their medications. The data collected from the digital apps provides a first hand data of patient’s health and their needs and requirements.


Artificial Intelligence – When big data is paired with machine learning and algorithmic intelligence, it results in groundbreaking solutions. Combining powerful data and modern machine learning techniques can bring revolutionary changes. This is because datasets and AI augment each other. AI helps in the generation of more relevant data and data helps in further training the machines.


Ensure Safety – The government agencies always have to collaborate and communicate with each other to ensure well-being and safety of its citizens. With the help of big data and analytics, they are able to reinforce their efforts and strategy. By using big data and analytics solutions they are able to give faster and clearer insights to agencies to respond proactively and quickly. It also helps them to take preventative measures in advance.


Travel and Hospitality – Guaranteed customer satisfaction is the main aim of the travel and hospitality industry. But it is difficult to analyze if the customer happy or not, especially in a timely manner. Now, when the travel and hospitality industry has made a paradigm shift to big data analytics, they are able to collect customer data, apply analytics and immediately identify potential problems before they become big and its too late to amend.


Healthcare – Big data analytics is the bliss for the healthcare industry. Earlier it was always difficult to manage patient records, health plans, insurance information and other types of information. But since the analytics has been applied, it has become easier to manage these key insights. Big Data Analytics along with the Internet of Things allows healthcare organizations to identify potential health issues and provide care prior the situation worsens.


The cloud-based big data analytics solutions allow you to do things you never thought was possible. This is because the data volumes were just way too big. It helps you get timely insights that further helps in decision making, grabbing opportunities, get precise answers for the complex problems and uncover new growth opportunities.

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